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Presented by Chelsea Thiede, MS, NTP
The Sensory Solution
Discover The Uncommon 7-Step Approach Parents Are Now Using to Overcome Their Child's SPD Naturally, Without Medication and Behavior Therapies
FREE Online Workshop
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In this FREE 60-minute training, you’ll discover:
  • The unexpected way parents reduce their child’s sensitivities and improve their anxiety
  • ​The truth about SPD that even high level doctors miss
  • ​How parents help their child regain their self-esteem
  • ​An uncommon new strategy for overcoming SPD...Parents who want to help their child feel comfortable in their own skin now do this and can't believe the results!
  • ​The ONE test that a child needs to complete to actually pinpoint the root cause of SPD (hint: it’s not a food sensitivity test)
  • ​The gentle and safe detox tool that is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to reverse brain disorders
  • ​How to tap into your child's unknown superpowers
  • The #1 system in the body to support to balance the brain
About your host
Chelsea Thiede, MS, is a food-scientist, nutrition therapy practitioner, and training integrative nutritionist. Her passion for children’s health comes from her most important job title, mom. She is the founder of the holistic program, Fed and Focused, and authored “A Recipe for a Healthy Baby.” She shares kid-approved recipes that help provide nutrient dense food for optimal development. She empathizes with parents caring for kids with SPD and wants to help their kids succeed.

If You Want To Help Your Child Go From Sensitive to Soaring, Then This Free Online Workshop Is For You!
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